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Common Guidance on the Presentation and Loading of Vehicles

March 2024 Free

This comprehensive set of common guidelines and accompanying checklists help stakeholders streamline the process of vehicle transportation on vessels while placing paramount importance on the safety and security of terminal and vessel personnel, as well as the protection of property.

Critical to the maritime sector’s ability to effectively manage the risks associated with the shipment of vehicles, including electric and hybrid variants, is the meticulous execution of various safety measures. These measures are pivotal not only upon arrival at the terminal but also during the preparatory phases for loading and throughout the duration of the voyage.

Shipowners and operators across the industry are strongly urged to integrate these guidelines into their operations. By doing so, they can ensure the mitigation of any risks linked to vehicle transportation, thus fortifying the safety of terminal and vessel personnel while safeguarding property, including the vessels themselves.

The guidelines and checklist define the information that should be provided and the checks to be carried out at:

  • the time of the booking,
  • when the vehicles arrive at the terminal,
  • during loading and stowing, and
  • throughout the voyage.

These guidelines are intended to be used in conjunction with specific procedures from individual vehicle manufacturers, shippers, terminals or carriers in respect of information such as vehicle separation on board the vessel or emergency response.